Hebrew Phrases For Your Shopping Adventure

Hebrew Phrases For Your Shopping Adventure

No trip to Israel would be complete without a little shopping! From the upscale shops of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, to the crowded markets of Old City Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Eliat, you’re sure to find unique treasures for the whole family. Learning to ask about prices and in some instances to negotiate in Hebrew will make your purchases that much more special and add to the stories of each. Let the tour operators in Israel handle the itinerary, so you can focus on the fun details like shopping and the phrases that bring the experience to life.

A few phrases to get you pointed in the right direction ask where the shopping areas are, when they open, and when they close. Learning these phrases may save you a wasted trip or help you find exactly what you’re looking for in each location.


Where is the main shopping
Ei’fo ezor hakni’yot
?איפה אזור הקניות המרכזי
 When does the store open?           Matay hakhanut niftakhat?  ?מתי החנות נפתחת
What are some specialty
items of the town?
Ma hadvarim
hameyukhadim she’efshar
liknot ba’ir hazot?
 מה הדברים המיוחדים שאפשר
?לקנות בעיר הזאת


Whether you just want to look around and enjoy the shopping atmosphere, or you are looking for something in particular. Knowing some sentence starters that you can build on will help you get the assistance you need to find what you want. Try these phrases to get good service.


I’m just looking around     Ani rak mistakel            אני רק מסתכל
Do you have… Ha’im yesh lakhem…               …האם יש לכם
I’m looking for… Ani mekhapes… …אני מחפש


Maybe you aren’t in the market for expensive gifts or items to take home on your trip. If you would prefer something smaller as a souvenir of each place you visit, these phrases may help you.


I would like a souvenir of
this town
Ani mekhapes mazkeret
meha’ir hazot
אני מחפש מזכרת מהעיר הזאת
Do you have any pictures             
with scenes of this area
Yesh lakhem tmunot im nof
shel ha’ezor  
יש לכם תמונות עם נוף של


It’s often expected in marketplaces to negotiate on the price of an item. However, it’s also a good idea to do it in a polite way and not get so caught up in your ability to bargain that you forget to be reasonable. These phrases may help you get the best prices for what you want.


Can you give me a better
Ata yakhol latet li mekhir tov
?אתה יכול לתת לי מחיר טוב יותר
No, it’s not for me  Lo, ze lo bishvili  לא, זה לא בשבילי
 This is more than I can pay              Ze yoter mima she’ani
yakhol leshalem
 זה יותר ממה שאני יכול לשלם


Commit at least some of these phrases to memory to make your shopping experience more pleasant for everyone.