Hebrew Phrases To Help You Find Your Way

Hebrew Phrases To Help You Find Your Way

One of the most exciting aspects of travel is to explore new territory. If you have arranged an itinerary for your trip to Israel with an Israel travel agency, you’ll still want to find time to venture out on your own. No trip or tour is complete without some alone time in your destination; it helps you have a more intimate perspective of everyday life there. You’ll be delighted by how much your courage and confidence grows when you have to navigate in a land foreign to you and in a language not your own. It’s also a great way to break down stereotypes and realize that on a deep level, we are all the same.

Even the best maps sometimes don’t seem to match up with reality. If you’re looking for a particular location, it’s a good idea to confirm with someone along the way that you’re on track toward your destination. Try these phrases to ask someone how to get to a particular place.

 Excuse me, how can I get to
this place?
Slikha, eikh ani yakhol
lehagi’a lamakom haze?
 סליחה, איך אני יכול להגיע למקום
Is it far from here?  Ha’im ze rakhok mikan?   ?האם זה רחוק מכאן
Please draw a map here?  Tukhal letsayer li po mapa? ?תוכל לצייר לי פה מפה

Being spontaneous in your explorations can be thrilling, but every now and then you may wander off in the wrong direction and find yourself hopelessly lost. There’s no need to panic; the friendly people of Israel will be more than happy to help you reorient yourself and get you back to your hotel safely. These phrases will show you how to ask for help.

Please point out where I am
on this map
Tar’e li bevakasha al
hamapa eifo ani nimtsa
 תראה לי בבקשה על המפה איפה
אני נמצא
What’s the name of this street  Ma shem harekhov haze?  ?מה שם הרחוב הזה
I’ve lost my way  Halakhti le’ibud  הלכתי לאיבוד

Sometimes traveling as a woman, particularly if you are traveling solo presents challenges that men don’t generally have to deal with. If you are on the receiving end of unwanted attention, these Hebrew phrases will give you a polite but firm way of setting boundaries with strangers.

You are bothering me Ata matrid oti אתה מטריד אותי
I’ll call the police Ani ekra lamishtara אני אקרא למשטרה
This man is bothering me Ha’ish haze matrid oti האיש הזה מטריד אותי

Despite all your planning and precautions, you will want to be prepared to handle any emergency situations that arise while you’re out on your own. It’s good to know how to get help from the police, and how to seek medical help too. Here are a few phrases you can rely on if you’re in a tough situation.

Help Hatsilu   הצילו
It’s an emergency Ze mikre kherum זה מקרה חירום
Please call the police                 
Bevakasha titkasher mi’yad
בבקשה תתקשר מיד למשטרה

It only takes a few phrases and some common sense to help keep you safe and oriented on your visit to Israel. Enjoy the surprises that await!