Learn A Few Hebrew Phrases For Your Trip

Learn A Few Hebrew Phrases For Your Trip

If you’re planning to travel around Israel for an extended period of time, the best way to go is to follow an itinerary from travel agencies in Israel that cater to your needs and tastes. If you do decide to travel independently, you’ll want to know how to get around the country as easily as possible. The key is being able to speak the language on some level, and always being flexible because things often don’t go as planned. The little surprises can add to the adventure of travel if you approach them with a positive attitude. Here are some phrases to help you move around the country, have some different experiences, and be ready for medical issues that could pop up.

You can get a lot of information from local tourist offices, including advice, warnings, and area maps. Though some larger tourist offices may have English-speaking staff, don’t count on it for smaller local offices. Still, if you make an attempt to communicate in Hebrew, they may reciprocate with a little English. Together you can make it work.


Where is the tourist
Eifo lishkat hameida
?איפה לשכת המידע לתיירים
Where are the buses?  Eifo ha’otobusim?  ?איפה האוטובוסים
Take me here please  Kakh oti lekan bevakasha  קח אותי לכאן בבקשה
How can I get to this place
from here?
Eikh efshar lehagia
lamakom haze mipo?
 ?איך אפשר להגיע למקום הזה מפה


Sometimes it’s better to make your way around by bus or train to get really get a feel for an area and see the local landscape up close and personal. Even if you’re on a tour, you may want to make a day-trip somewhere close without the group. It’s good to know these phrases.


Could I have a schedule? Efshar lekabel luakh
?אפשר לקבל לוח זמנים
Does this bus go to that
Ha’im haotobus haze magi’a
 ?האם האוטובוס הזה מגיע לשם
Which stop should I get off
Beizu takhana ani tsarikh
 ?באיזו תחנה אני צריך לרדת


These phrases will help you find local activities that appeal to you as you travel around Israel. Whether you’re into camping, beach and water sports, or golf, you’ll be able to locate activities to enhance your trip.


Is there a campsite nearby? Ha’im yesh kemping
?האם יש קמפינג באזור 
How can I get to the beach
from here?
Eikh ani magi’a lakhof
 ?איך אני מגיע לחוף מפה
What is the greens fee?  Kama ze ole?  ?כמה זה עולה


Lastly, if you’re venturing out away from a tour group or traveling independently, you should know at least these two phrases for medical emergencies or problems that crop up.


Please call a doctor Tikre’u bevakasha lerofe תקראו בבקשה לרופא
Where is the nearest all
night drugstore?
Eifo yesh beit merkakhat
shepatuakh kol hala’ila?
 ?איפה יש בית מרקחת שפתוח בלילה


Using these phrases on your trip to Israel may help you find just what you’re looking for, and will let people know you are open to learning the language. Between a little of your Hebrew, a little of their English, and some pantomime, you can make your trip a more interesting and valuable experience.