Polite Conversation For A Better Travel Experience

Polite Conversation For A Better Travel Experience

It’s always fun to visit a country for the first time, however, taking a trip to a country with a different language than your own can be challenging. Leave the details of your travel plans to a travel agency in Israel, but take the time to learn a few polite phrases on your own. You really miss out on the culture of a place if you cannot speak with the people there. Make your next trip to Israel more fascinating and meaningful by learning to participate in some polite conversational exchanges. The easiest words to learn in any language are greetings. These words and phrases are commonly used to greet people and to say goodbye. Mastering these few words and phrases combined with a warm smile will make a great impression and let thepeople of Israel know you are trying.

Hi      Shalom        שלום
See you later                       Nitra’e achar kach            נתראה אחר כך
Goodbye Lehitra’ot להתראות


Take your language skills a step further and learn to politely ask how someone is, and to respond with how you are. Making an attempt at a simple social conversation in the language of the country you are visiting is good manners and shows respect.


How are you doing? Ma shlomcha ?מה שלומך
 My name is…  Kor’I'm li…                      …קוראים לי
 It’s nice to meet you      Na’I'm me’od  נעים מאוד


Despite the best of intentions, sometimes problems or misunderstandings arise. If you discover that you have offended someone, or if you need to let someone off the hook for their own social blunder, these phrases may help.


Sorry (I apologize) Slicha   סליחה
That’s all right  Ze beseder  זה בסדר
I don’t understand    Ani lo mevin             אני לא מבין


Everyone likes to feel appreciated; showing gratitude is a good way to make friends in any country. You can show your appreciation in many situations in Israel with just a few key phrases.


That’s very kind of you Se yafe mitsidcha         זה יפה מצידך
Please Bevakasha  בבקשה
Thank you Toda תודה
You’re welcome Al lo davar על לא דבר


Of course you can’t learn the whole Hebrew language for your trip to Israel, but committing these few polite phrases to memory before you arrive will ingratiate you to the local culture. People are more willing to help you in any country if you make an attempt to speak the language. Don’t expect everyone in the world to speak English. If you are gracious to everyone you meet present yourself in a warm and open way, you will be welcomed warmly in return.