Dead sea Hotels

The Dead Sea is a water body in the middle of a geological fault that extends from Africa to Syria, and it is a thrilling natural site, located on the lowest part of the earth, at 417 meters below the sea level. With a salt concentration of 340 grams a liter, and nearly 6 times as salty as other oceans, the Dead Sea is the saltiest water body on the Earth, inhibiting the existence of any form of life. Lack of life brings the name Dead Sea, which is in fact a gentler interpretation of the Hebrew word ‘Yam ha Maved’, meaning ‘Killer Sea’.

The Dead Sea shores are white with salt crystals enveloping almost every thing, and fish accidentally swimming in here from any fresh water bodies that feed the Dead Sea are killed immediately, and their bodies covered with salt are thrown to the shore by winds. It is amazing to note that this Sea, which gets saltier with depth, is fed by the least saline River Jordan. With the hills of Jerusalem on the west and mountains on the east, the Dead Sea region is believed to be the home of the Biblical cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, Zebouin, Soar and Adman.
However, this amazing water body has a rich mineral content, with healthy bromide fumes, increased oxygen concentration of the air, medicinal mud, naturally filtered sunlight and hot springs, all of which are healthful with healing capabilities. The density of water in the Dead Sea favors non-swimmers to float effortlessly, and the region experiences sunshine almost throughout the year. Harmful radiations from the sun are blocked by additional atmospheric layers, thus making it the best area for sunbathing. The pollen-free area is fit for people suffering from allergies, and the combined healing effect from the mud, sea and air is favorable for skin ailments and joint problems.
Visitors are drawn to this marvelous desert landscape to seek healing, with spas offering numerous health and beauty treatments. The Dead Sea shore has become a thriving tourist area with lots of amusement for visitors including hiking, rappelling down cliffs, jeep excursions, bicycle hiking and donkey or camel rides. In the proximity of the shore are charming natural oases like Ein Gedi, Nakhal David and Nakhal Arugot. The Aman Touristic Beach, located on the main road to the Dead Sea, offers swimming pools and locations for beach parties.
Masada National Park, the main archaeological site of the region houses Herod’s mountain fortress. It offers an impressive Masada Sound and Light Show for the visitors. The Qumran National Park has the caves, renowned for discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls. Ein Gedi, a Natural Reserve is a Desert Oasis in between the David and Arugot canyons, having waterfalls and pools, and exhibits numerous kinds of flora and fauna. The lush vegetation of the oasis is appealing for visitors, and hiking trails give a view of waterfalls, springs, canyons, caves and an ancient Bronze Age temple.
The area offers a wide range of accommodation with luxury spa hotels, guest houses, kibbutz accommodations and youth hostels. A combination of fascinating tourist spots, amusement activities and health benefits, form a unique appeal for the Dead Sea region.

Daniel Dead Sea Hotel

Daniel Dead Sea Hotel *****

The beautiful Daniel Dead Sea Hotel is located in the heart of Ein Bokek’s hotel area, and offers excellent spa facilities and a private beach.

Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel

Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel ***

Kibbutz Hotel offers a great location, just a 5-minute drive from the Dead Sea. Free entrance is available to Ein Gedi’s private beach and the nearby spa’s mineral pools.

Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel

Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel *****

The modern and stylish 5-star deluxe Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and Spa is located right on the shores of the Dead Sea. The hotel offers luxurious health and spa facilities.

Kalia Kibbutz Hotel

Kalia Kibbutz Hotel ***

The Kalia Kibbutz hotel has a peaceful location in the desert, in short distance from the beaches of the Dead Sea.

Leonardo Club Hotel Dead Sea

Leonardo Club Hotel Dead Sea *****

Located on a private beach at the hotel area of Ein Bokek, this all-inclusive 4-star deluxe hotel offers elegant accommodation with daily entertainment for children and adults alike.

Spa Club Dead Sea Hotel

Spa Club Dead Sea Hotel ****

Occupying a prime position on the shores of the Dead Sea, the newly renovated Spa Club is a fantastic hotel for guests seeking a true spa experience in relaxing and peaceful surroundings.