Haifa Hotels

Haifa, renowned for its vivid natural beauty and joyous lifestyle is the third largest city in Israel. It is also the country’s biggest port, located on a wide bay between the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Carmel, amidst a landscape of panoramic views. Ethnic groups and diverse cultures of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Bahai form the unique characteristics of Haifa.
The downtown region consists of the old city, along with the port and coastline, and as the altitude rises higher, the mid-city is made of Hadar Ha Carmel, while the upper city comprises Carmel and Ahuza. Israel’s only subway namely, the Carmelit runs from downtown Haifa at sea level, through the mid-city, up to Carmel over an altitude of 280 meters in about six minutes. The landscape along the natural slope depicts conspicuous old stone houses, alternating with latest glass-walled towers. The downtown district features the German colony, which dates back to the Temple period of 1869, located at the mountain base. Hadar district, located mid way up, has neat pedestrian malls, and a variety of shops, while Carmel district at the top portrays graceful three-lined streets with residential buildings.
Visitors and Vacationers have a lot to explore in the numerous museums of Haifa, consisting of the National Science Museum, Haifa Museum of Art, Maritime Museum, Tikotin Japanese Art Museum, Prehistoric Museum, Natural History Museum and the Zoo. The Haifa University is also open to visitors, and French Impressionistic paintings along with exceptional archaeological artifacts are presented in the Hecht Museum. Music and Film events include the yearly International Film Festival, the Jazz and Blues events at the port, and concerts by Haifa Symphony Orchestra, which form the visitor’s delight. Haifa Municipal Theater is an amusement spot for theater fans.

Wadi Nisnas depicts the Middle Eastern lifestyle, while the Guela Street identifies with the East European style. The Castra Centre is known for its art and recreational activities along with a shopping centre. The X-park Challenge Compound is the largest professional amusement park that is developing in Haifa.
Haifa happens to be a pilgrimage destination for people from different faiths. Mount Carmel, which is equally sacred for Jews and Christians, has the Bahai shrine with a glittering golden dome, forming the international center of Bahai faith. The splendid Bahai Gardens surround the shrine, and is among the Seven Wonders of the World. The Carmelite church, Maronite church, Stella Maris Monastery and St Mary’s Parish Church are renowned religious destinations.

Haifa, a heavenly peninsula has delightful beaches, which are well kept, and complement a visitor’s experience. Whether it is the sandy Carmel Beach, or a promenade in Bat Galim, the beaches offer enthusiastic activities such as wind-surfing and scuba diving to explore the underwater archaeological sites. A view of the city slopes is excellent, and boats from the Kishon port allow a cruise of the harbor, which also offers marvelous views of Haifa and Mount Carmel, quite like the panoramic mountain top views.
Haifa is the entrance to northern Israel, and is close to exciting historical sites such as Megiddo, Acre, Sefad, Nazareth, Caesarea and Tiberias, depicting Biblical and Roman legacies.

Dan Carmel Haifa

 Dan Carmel Haifa *****

The Dan Carmel Haifa is a luxury hotel centrally located in Carmel. The hotel offers spacious, elegant accommodation with fantastic views over the sea and the surrounding countryside.

Dan Panorama Haifa Hotel

Dan Panorama Haifa Hotel *****

In the centre of Carmel, the Dan Panorama Haifa is a landmark 5-star hotel. This 21-storey tower offers great accommodation with panoramic views and a great range of hotel facilities.

Marom Hotel Haifa

Marom Hotel ***

Marom Hotel is a quiet, family-run hotel located in Haifa. It is surrounded by gardens, a sun terrace and hot tub.

Nof Hotel Haifa

Nof Hotel ****

With a perfect location in the heart of the Carmel Centre and a 2-minute walk from the famous Bahai Gardens and Temple, the Nof Hotel offers excellent service.

The Colony Hotel Haifa

The Colony Hotel ****

The 4-star Colony Hotel Haifa has an excellent location in the German Colony, the restored historic centre of Haifa, in a completely renovated, unique 103-year-old building.

Villa Carmel Boutique Hotel

Villa Carmel Boutique Hotel *****

Centrally located in the heart of Haifa’s prestigious Camel district, the newly refurbished Villa Carmel is a luxurious boutique hotel offering elegant guest accommodation.