Jerusalem Hotels

Jerusalem, the Israeli capital is the largest city in the nation, with a history of seven thousand years. Internationally renowned as the holiest city, Jerusalem with an incredible culture and heritage poses equal significance to the Jews, Christians and Muslims. It has acquired seventy names of love, and is associated with overwhelming emotions, promising spiritual experiences and interesting tours. From Mount of Olives at the top to Western Wall Tunnels in the deep, the history and culture of Jerusalem are profound, with a remarkable reference to the Bible, which can indeed be used as a guide to explore the city.

The Old City, at the center of Jerusalem with labyrinths and alleyways forms four divisions namely, Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim, with holy sites of three religions. The Western Wall, David’s Tomb and the Citadel are associated with Judaism, while Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque are associated with Islam. Millions of worshipers visit the Western Wall Plaza, with the Holy Temple’s remnants located at its base.
The holy sites of the Christians include the Via Dolorosa, Garden of Gethsemane, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and Cenaculum of the Last Supper. Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion, built about hundred years ago has statue of Mary sleeping in the basement, with the Last Supper Room located beside the abbey. Mount Olives has many churches namely, Mary Magdalene, Gethsemane, Dominus Flevit, the Assension, Lazarus, Pater Noster and Abraham’s Monastery. It is believed that Mary’s tomb is found in Kidron Valley, at the base of Mount Olives. Jerusalem is renowned as the place where Jesus lived, died and ascended.

Besides the holy sites of the Old City, Jerusalem has captivating sites for visitors. The market offers embroidered cushions, authentic clothing, glassware, beads, ceramics of Armenian style and numerous souvenirs. The promenade located along the top of the Old City gives exotic views of the Old City, as well as the New City. During nights, they feature sparkling lights to give impressive and unforgettable sights.
The Jewish neighborhoods in the New City were developed since the late nineteenth century. The original scenic beauties in the vicinity of some of these parts, is pleasant. The German Colony, Even Yisrael, Yemin Moshe, Makhane Yisra’el, Me’a She’arim, the Ethiopian Quarter and Bukharian Quarter are a few such neighborhoods. The modern sites include the Israel Museum, Supreme Court, the Knesset, Biblical Zoo, Mount Herzl and the Makhane Yehuda market.

Jerusalem can be discovered through its various museums namely, Bloomfield Science Museum, Israel Museum, Natural History Museum, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Bible Lands Museum, Rockefeller Museum, Islamic Art Museum, Armenian Museum, Museum of Italian Jewish Art and Old Yishuv Court Museum. Amusement is coupled with knowledge in the Time Elevator, presenting Jerusalem’s history in three-dimension, forming a nice attraction for children. The botanical gardens and Armon HaNatsiv tunnels, the Mamilla Pool, Jerusalem Bird Observatory and Deer Park are attractive tourist sites.

Dan Boutique Hotel Jerusale

Dan Boutique Hotel Jerusalem ****

The Dan Boutique Hotel in the centre of Jerusalem is a 4-star hotel just minutes from the Old City. This stylish hotel offers elegant accommodation, good facilities and of course an ideal location.

Eldan Hotel Jerusalem

Eldan Hotel ***

Centrally located in one of the best areas of Jerusalem, the Eldan Hotel offers comfortable, clean rooms and free breakfast, less than a 10-minute walk from the old town.

Harmony Hotel Jerusalem

Harmony Hotel ****

Situated in the lively Nahalat Shiva district, the stylish Harmony Hotel offers luxurious boutique-style accommodation with free wireless internet and free buffet breakfast.

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel *****

The Inbal Hotel, one of Jerusalem’s most respected and luxurious hotels, is located in the heart of the city in short walking distance from both modern Jerusalem and the old city.

Montefiore Hotel Jerusalem

Montefiore Hotel ****

On a great location in the city centre, the Montefiore Hotel offers excellent value for money. Enjoy the closeness to the city’s attractions and the free wireless internet and Israeli breakfast.

Mount Zion Hotel

Mount Zion Hotel ****

The historic and luxurious 4-star Mount Zion Hotel is perfectly located just minutes from Jerusalem’s old city. It offers beautiful settings, elegant guest rooms and sumptuous suites.

Rimonim Jerusalem Hotel

Rimonim Jerusalem Hotel ****

The Shalom Hotel is beautifully located high on a mountain, just 10 minutes’ drive from Jerusalem city centre and close to the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem.

YMCA Three Arches Hotel

YMCA Three Arches Hotel ***

In the heart of Jerusalem, the YMCA Three Arches Hotel probably has the best location in town. Opposite the famous King David Hotel, it is just minutes from the old city.