Talking With The Hotel Staff In Hebrew

Talking With The Hotel Staff In Hebrew

Choosing the right hotel in a place you’ve never visited can be confusing; however, this single choice can make or break a great vacation. A safe bet if you’re traveling independently is to discuss your travel needs with Israel tour operators who will be able to make a match with the perfect accommodations for you. Taking one of the many tours offered by the various travel agencies in Israel will also ensure great accommodations. Once you’ve arrived, however, you’ll want to be able to interact with the hotel staff on your own about your personal needs and concerns.

Many of the major hotels have staff that are bilingual, but if you stay at a boutique hotel you may need to know a few phrases in Hebrew. One thing you will want to do as you check in is get a business card of the hotel to show to taxi drivers throughout your stay. These phrases may come in handy regarding hotel services.

Please give me a business
card with the hotel’s address
Ana ten li cartis bikoor im
ktovet hamalon?
אנא תן לי כרטיס ביקור עם כתובת
Would you please call a taxi Ha’im ata yachol lehazmin
li monit bevakasha?
האם אתה יכול להזמין לי מונית


Once you are settled in your hotel room, these are some handy phrases to help you orient yourself within the hotel. Asking where the restaurant is, for example, keeps you from having to wander around looking for what you need.


Where is the restaurant Eyfo hamis’ada? ?איפה המסעדה
Do you have facilities
for children
Ha’im yesh lachem
mitkanim le’yeladim?
?האם יש לכם מתקנים לילדים


Sometimes on your travels, despite the best plans, both small and large concerns may pop up unexpectedly. These few phrases may help you handle some common general concerns. Remember to always be courteous in expressing your problems with the hotel.

I have a problem in my room Yesh ba’aya bacheder sheli יש בעיה בחדר שלי
Come with me Bo’u iti בואו איתי
I’d like to change my
Ani rotse lekachalif et
hacheder sheli
אני רוצה להחליף את החדר שלי


At the end of your hotel stay, you’ll want to be able to convey that you are ready to leave and are checking out, extending your stay, paying the bill, or expressing your appreciation for their hospitality.


I’m checking out Ani ozev et hamalon אני עוזב את המלון
I’d like to extend my stay
for a few days
Ani rotse leha’arich et
hashehut sheli bekama
אני רוצה להאריך את השהות
שלי בכמה ימים
May I have the bill? Efshar lekabel et
?אפשר לקבל את החשבון
I’ve enjoyed my stay Neheneti mehashehut
נהניתי מהשהות במלון 


With just a few key phrases you can play your part in making sure your stay is an enjoyable one, and the staff will appreciate your attempts at speaking the language. Making an effort to speak the language of the country you’re visiting will endear you to the people and you will be treated warmly in return.